This website is intended to create new content inspired by the classic sleuthing game Crack the Case.

How to Play

The game is intended to be played in a group. The minimum number of players is just two, but more is recommended. One player will act as a moderator. The moderator can read both The Case and Solution tabs. The remaining players, the investigators, should only read The Case tab.
Play starts with the moderator reading The Case tab aloud to the investigators and Solution silently to themself. The investigators ask yes/no questions to learn more details about the case.
These questions may be answered with only the following responses: "yes," "no," "yes and no," "irrelevant," "I don't know," "rephrase your question," and "define what you mean by..."
The game is won when the investigators discover all of the information in the Must Discover section of the case.

How to Write a Case

Since this is just getting started, there is not a lot of guidance around case authoring. I have included two cases from the original game as a template for how cases should look. Try to match the style and feel of these, but be creative and have fun. Thanks for contributing!