Candy, Dish and Shell Game
by Milton Bradley
A man lies bleeding on the pavement. Near his body are a mint, a plate and a spent .45 caliber shell.
The Mystery
Why was the man shot?
Stain Power
by Milton Bradley
Her coat was ruined - spattered indelibly with an ugly purple stain. Although it was a cold winter and the coat was the only one she owned, she never had a greater cause for celebration. Very possibly, a life had been saved.
The Mystery
What was the cause for celebration?
Caught on Camera
by Alex Coleman
Sandra Panitch slept with a man named Jackson Hale, and wakes up to find him dead. She is charged with his murder after a video tape is discovered showing them making out on camera seconds before the crime is heard off-screen.
The Mystery
Who really murdered the man, why, and how did they almost get away with it?
by SteVen Batten
Mr. Bird had been flying without issue for several minutes before he abruptly crashed his plane and ultimately died. Though the awful weather had exacerbated the situation, it wasn't the only thing helping Mr. Bird meet his demise.
The Mystery
Who caused Mr. Bird's death, how and why?
An Unknown Assailant
by Ashe Azrak
Jonathon is on a date when he is physically assaulted by a stranger. The stranger takes all the cash Jonathon has and leaves, but Jonathon does not report anything to the police.
The Mystery
Why didn't Jonathon press charges?